Dutch Alliance for Native Peoples Published by Inka Pacha · 15 hours · Maxima Acuña wins Goldman Prize for environmental protection Peruvian farmers in the province of Cajamarca, today published in the local and international media. The reason? She is one of six environmental warriors the prestigious Goldman Prize, the highest award won this year to defend the environment. “Defended their right to live in peace and live on their own land, a land coveted by mining companies Newmont and Buenaventura, preventing the entry of the Conga me an important turning point,” notes the price on High Acuña. The review of the Goldman Prize for Max recalls that in 2011 the mining company Yanacocha, which is responsible for the Conga project, arrived at the home of the Chaupe Acuna, in Cajamarca, and demanded to leave their country. “When Acuna refused, was subjected to the cruelty of mining. They came armed forces to destroy their home and possessions and hit her and one of her daughters until she was unconscious,” he says. The organization of the event recalls the intense battle

Mentaal coachen en begeleiding. Individueel of in groepsvorm.

(physical and legal) who fought (and still fight) the Cajamarca farmers to defend their land and water resources in Yanacocha.https: //www.youtube.com/watch ? v = Gz8eZx8V4Uo