Apu InkaPacha performs on parties, in restaurants, schools and cultural gatherings. The basis is a musical show, native, spiritual from the Andes. Together with you we can put together a variety of shows.

When you book a performance with us, we take care of all administrative procedures for you. We are holder of both a Verklaring Arbeidsrelatie (VAR) and an Inhoudingsplichtigenverklaring (IPV). This ensures that your booking will be booked correctly.

The group Apu InkaPacha

Apu-Inkapacha is a Peruvian cultural music group performing live music with singing and dancing. Our goal is expressing the inca culture based on the connection with Mother Earth and the respect for the three elements, the source of life. We do this through music, dance and story telling from the three distinct regions of Peru: the coastal area, the Andes mountains and the Amazon forests. Apu Inka uses a diverse variety of costumes and musical instruments such as guitar, charango, kena, panpipes, bombo and tinja. Apu Inka performs on cultural festivities, ideological meetings, South American restaurants, commercial and private parties and on schools.

Alma Inkary went alone and in Holland he formed his group Apu Inka. Alma Inkary: ‘the goal of our group is to present the music of our province Apurimac. We show to the people our authentic clothing from the mountains as well as we make music that comesMusical performance by Apu InkaPacha