Travel like the Inca 14 juni we will go on an Eco Journey to Peru. We will travel in a small group. Will you join us?

Machu_picchuParticipation and subscription

This journey requires a good preparation of the participants. To participate in this project you have to attend a number of information- meetings. The first meeting is a general one. The intention of the journey and the project are going to be explained. If after this meeting you are enthusiastic you can enrol yourself for the next evening, without committing oneself.


Eco Journey Peru Highlights

Price-overview for the Peru journey

Eco-Travel as the Inca’s

 From 16 th of sept. until  okt.14 th  we leave for the 9th time at Eko-trip to Peru for 28 days. We travel with a small group. Are you going with us?

Participation and registration

The trip requires good preparation for the participants. To participate in this ecoroundtrip follow a number of information sessions.The first information session is a general introduction, in which the intent of the trip and the projects will be made clear. Have you after the first night’s intention to join, you can still noncommittal, register for the subsequent evening. It elaborates on the details of the trip and the project.


If you decide after the second night to go along, we will send you a booking confirmation and the conditions of this trip. To subscribe definitively you must return the booking confirmation signed. This confirms your participation in the program, and that you accept the terms. At that moment there is an agreement between you and Taklla-Inkary established.
A group consists of minimum 5 and maximum of 12 people. Registrations will be handled in order of receipt. Finally, there is a preparation course of two sessions with all those who have permanently registered. This attention to the social, mental, physical and spiritual side of the trip. It is necessary for the preparation of the ecoroundtrip that all participants have completed the two parts of the course.

Price structure of the tour from 30 days to Peru

This includes the following:

16 sept.  we leave for the 9th time at Eco-trip to Peru. We travel with a small group and get into the interior of Peru, in places where the population lives in a traditional, authentic way. The trip takes 4 weeks. Read more about the ecotravel 2018 or sign up for an information session.

0.Amsterdam  Lima

Peru Reizen  12  juni

  • Dag  :Lima
  • Dag   ica cahuachi
  • Dag  Nazca lin
  • Dag   cusco
  • Dag   Abancay
  • Totora  alpacawuandeling  en paard rijden
  • Dag  11. Qeshuachaca  Qewe
  • Dag 12   Raqchi
  • Dag   vrij programa   (apart kosten   eventual Machupichu )
  • Dag     valle sagrado-Cusco ——————-
  • Dag     Lima TARAPOTO amazonas
  •  Dag    tarapoto  pacaya samira
  • Dag  pacaya samira
  • Dag 24  amazonas  river
  • Dag 25  iquitos
  • LIMA ———–
  • TOTAAL                                  3660=   voor  30 dagen


includen :

    Visit for health checks to First Aid Department at posta medic     Companion for the trip over the inkapad Choquequirao     Rent and care / carers of horses     Rent and care / local supervisors     Rental of the kitchen team     Guides and also contact person for all common questions and to interpreters in Quechua and Spanish trip for 20 days     Possibly a replacement if the travel itself by unexpected events do not continue to travel along

The total travel amount for EKO 01.september trip is € 3660


Sign Up:

Do you want to go with Inkapacha to Peru? Please complete this form in advance to reserve a place. For 2020 we leave for the 9th time at Eco tour to Peru for 30  days. We travel with a small group. So register via the contact form on time.


Family Travel

21 days PERU
AMAZONAS for families with (children 9 plus)
A fantastic 7 days in Amazonas and its surroundings.A company of the ecotourism area that offers to open in the local population. A very sustainable model.
The staff is professional and very welcoming. The rooms are immaculate, there are the best sleeps under mosquito nets. The sound of the jungle is unforgettable. The food is fresh, mostly locally grown and tasty. and always lots of fruits, vegetables and always vegetarian and generally healthy options. There is water, tea, coffee and fruit are available between meals. The bar is also available. The guides are all very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They are mainly local indigenous people who grew up in the area. They took great pride in explaining about the forest, animals and plants, its future and its protection a tour to a local farm and visit a local curandero (shaman). The guide we  recommend.

We start Brussels Lima fly 12.00
Lima fly Iquitos 2:00 pm
Iquitos NAUTA sail small ship 3 days
Pacaya Samiria stay 2 days
Pacaya Samiria Iquitos sailing one day
Iquitos Lima Cusco fly 2:00 plus 1:00 Cuzco
CUSCO Raqchi 4 .00 pm bus second day
Valle Sagrado Cusco and Machu Picchu

21 days Peru 3250,00


Map of Peru