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Connected to Earth DVD + Audio CD


Connected to Earth is a unique musical documentary presented as a spiritual testimonial of the original cosmic vision of the Inca people, accompanied by especially composed authentic music from the Andes with traditional instruments.

Connected to Earth contains original, never seen before imagery of the ancient rites, traditions and culture of the present-day ancestors of the Inca people, who call themselves the Runas and are not related to American Indians as is commonly and mistakingly assumed.

A nation that does not dance or sing is a nation that does not live

Connected to Earth combines unique footage of the Runas on the Andes mountains of Peru, Bolivia, and Equador with music and dance based on the cultural traditions of the Quechua, Aymara and Mestisos.

Spoken languages DVD: English, Spanish, Dutch, Quechua
Duration: DVD 60 min + Audio CD 60 min
Producer: Taklla Inkary, 2008

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