Living old dreams

Have you always been dreaming of flying over the Andes mountains, the immense jungles of the Amazon and the lines of Nazca, but have you never been able to realize it? Now it can be done with our comfortable travels. These well organized tours are meant for minimum 2 persons and maximum 6 persons. The destinations will be determined in dialogue with the organization and special attention will be given to the issues of health and safety circumstances.

Alternative Travels

The alternative travels are especially designed for the traveller with specific wants and needs, for example special honeymoon arrangements, pensioners arrangements (55+), family arrangements and special arrangements for people with light handicaps.


Arrival is always in Lima and from there on to for example: Ica (Nasca-lines), Arequipa (Colca Canyon), Puno (Titicacalake), Cusco (Machu Picchu), Huaraz (Glacier of Huascaran, 6.900m) Cajamarca (BaƱos del Inca), Iquitos, (Amazone) and many other destinations.

For those who are interested, it is also possible to visit certain power places like: Tipon, Raqchi, Macchu Picchu, Marcahuasi, Chavin, Lake Titicaca, Canon de Tinajari and more.

It will also be possible to get in a traditional way acquinted with alternative healing, ceremonies, medicinal (hot)watersources, etc.

The custom Eco Journey will be planned together with you personally.

Guides and Services

The tour will be accompanied by a professional tour guide who will be fluent in Dutch, Spanish and English and who has a rich understanding and knowledge of local customs and culture. We also provide local guides, private drivers and if needed medical staff.


The accommodations will be discussed with the client(s) according to their wishes and can be in 3/4 star or 5 star hotels (incl. breakfast), luxurious jungle lodges and bath houses.

All accommodations measure up to the highest standards of comfort and service. For people with specific health issues there is a possibility of special care and attention.


We have various methods of transportation available such as; airplane, car (4 wheel drive with airconditioning), a private plane, a private van (with driver) and on request a private helicopter.


Peru has a wide variety of traditional foods with many delicious dishes, but one is also able to choose a more European style. Special diets can also be considered. During the tour breakfast will usually be taken in the hotel and for lunch and dinner a restaurant by choice.


The duration of the tour is dependent on and in accordance to the wishes of the customer.

Safety First

All of our tours are being backed up by a helicopter rescue team in the event of calamities.

Introduction and Information

If desired, for the seriously interested customer Inkapacha can come to your home for a broad introduction, information and a special price offer.