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Peru News 2020: College Student Decoded Data Hidden in Inca Knots

Manny Medrano cut loose on spring break by analyzing a set of khipus. With the help of his professor, Gary Urton, a scholar of Pre-Columbian studies, Medrano interpreted a set of six khipus, knotted cords used for record keeping in the Inca Empire. By matching the khipus to a colonial-era Spanish census document, Medrano and […]


SPECIAL REPORT: UNEARTHING NAZCA | Only on!   Dutch Alliance for Native Peoples Published by Inka Pacha · 15 hours · Maxima Acuña wins Goldman Prize for environmental protection Peruvian farmers in the province of Cajamarca, today published in the local and international media. The reason? She is one of six environmental warriors the […]

Make your order > > > Connected to Earth DVD + Audio CD

  Connected to Earth is a unique musical documentary presented as a spiritual testimonial of the original cosmic vision of the Inca people, accompanied by especially composed authentic music from the Andes with traditional instruments. Connected to Earth contains original, never seen before imagery of the ancient rites, traditions and culture of the present-day ancestors […]

Eco Journey Peru 2020

Travel like the Inca 14 juni we will go on an Eco Journey to Peru. We will travel in a small group. Will you join us? Participation and subscription This journey requires a good preparation of the participants. To participate in this project you have to attend a number of information- meetings. The first meeting […]

Eco travel Peru: sights and sounds

Choquequirao, Peru Since it was recognized as one of the 7 New World Wonders, Machu Picchu is a real tourist hotspot. But did you know that Macchu Pichu also has a sister-city? Choquequirao is by landscape and location at least as spectacular. Located in the Salkantay mountains near Cuzco,  Choquequirao is a regular stop during […]

Music performances, photo’s and video’s of Inkapacha

 TV performance at Jack Spijkerman on RTL TV performance at Televizierring final with De Lama’s Music and Entertainment by Apu InkaPacha ENTERTAINMENT – MUSIC APU-INKAPACHA and Pricelist 2018 LATIN MUSIC-Making People Swing! The fact that the public can not keep quiet at APU-INKAPACHA’s performance is mainly due to the wonderful temperament and energy that the […]

We enjoy performing at your party or fiësta!

Apu InkaPacha performs on parties, in restaurants, schools and cultural gatherings. The basis is a musical show, native, spiritual from the Andes. Together with you we can put together a variety of shows. The group Apu InkaPacha Apu-Inkapacha is a Peruvian cultural music group performing live music with singing and dancing. Our goal is expressing […]

General info Eco travel Peru

Travel like the Incas Once a year we organise eco travel from the Netherlands to the Andes mountain range of Peru. This trip is for a maximum of 12 persons during 30 days with amongst others travelling with horses and llamas and an expedition to the beautiful ancient city of Choquequirao. General goal of Taklla-Inkary’s […]

Custom Eco journey to Peru

Living old dreams Have you always been dreaming of flying over the Andes mountains, the immense jungles of the Amazon and the lines of Nazca, but have you never been able to realize it? Now it can be done with our comfortable travels. These well organized tours are meant for minimum 2 persons and maximum […]

About InkaPacha

An ideological Peruvian company in Holland Takkla Inkary is a member of CSR Netherlands, a foundation which promotes corporate social responsibility. Inkapacha means the Inca-world . In the Andes we still find people who live according to the vision of the Inca-world. It is the vision of the people who are descended from and believe […]