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Peru News 2020: College Student Decoded Data Hidden in Inca Knots

Manny Medrano cut loose on spring break by analyzing a set of khipus. With the help of his professor, Gary Urton, a scholar of Pre-Columbian studies, Medrano interpreted a set of six khipus, knotted cords used for record keeping in the Inca Empire. By matching the khipus to a colonial-era Spanish census document, Medrano and […]


SPECIAL REPORT: UNEARTHING NAZCA | Only on!   Dutch Alliance for Native Peoples Published by Inka Pacha · 15 hours · Maxima Acuña wins Goldman Prize for environmental protection Peruvian farmers in the province of Cajamarca, today published in the local and international media. The reason? She is one of six environmental warriors the […]