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Alma Inkary is the founder of InkaPacha. The name Alma Inkary means ’Soul of the Incas’. Born in the Andes-mountains in Peru, he travelled from South-America to Europe and now lives in Tiel, the Netherlands. Alma is dedicated to organizing unique eco journeys through the land of the Incas, traditional music performances, and healing based on the Inca philosophy. He also works on various projects in collaboration with the local communities in Peru, public awareness and education concerning the cultural traditions of the native inhabitants of the Andes.

About InkaPacha

An ideological Peruvian company in Holland Takkla Inkary is a member of CSR Netherlands, a foundation which promotes corporate social responsibility. Inkapacha means the Inca-world . In the Andes we still find people who live according to the vision of the Inca-world. It is the vision of the people who are descended from and believe […]

Huaylia 2012

In december 2012 Alma Inkary visited Cusco, Peru for the celebration of the Huaylia fertility ceremony.

Project First to Mars (Commercial)

Project First to Mars is a commercial to recruit creative talents. In the commercial, Alma Inkary plays the part of a Maya-representative looking for top-talents to start a new civilization on Mars. The application form is available as PDF download. More info on the website of  Project First on Mars.

Drum Ceremony for native Peoples 2012

Since 2010, every year on September 13th, the Dutch Alliance for Indigenous Peoples organizes a drum ceremony to aks attention of the Dutch government and politics for the observance of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. On 13 September 2007, this statement was adopted by the United Nations after more than 20 […]

Peru: Cultural-touristic Promo tour 2010

In 2010 InkaPacha  made  a cultural-touristic promotour through Holland. The tour was organized with assistance from Dutch embassy of Peru, Nacza-air, LosCachorros and Sabor del Peru.

Kijk mijn Hertogenwijk (Interview)

De Hertogenwijk in Tiel is a colorful neighbourhood. In 2008, local residents put together a book with stories and pictures of the inhabitants of the Hertogenwijk.  Alma Inkary also lives there, and an interview with him was published in the book: Kijk mijn Hertogenwijk. The book is available for download at the top of this […]