Inca Healing

Inca Healing can help those who have lost their connection to the earth and who therefore no longer see the meaning of life. I put into practice the Inca Philosophy to help people refind the meaning of their life. In the centre of this approach are respect for the elements sun, earth and water, and respect for the cycle of life and all living creatures on mother earth. With conversation, meditation, music and dance I will help you to reconnect you to the meaning of your life.andes_peru_wolken

The three corners of the Inca Philosophy

  • Ayni is when you do something from your heart because it feels right, and you do not expect to receive any reward for doing it.
  • Mitha are actions that are necessary, things have to be done. Drink, eat and sleep for example.
  • Minka is doing something for which you expect something else in return.

My intentions

Alma Inkary at the Waal river banks in Tiel.

I was born and raised in the high mountains of the Andes in Peru. There, the culture of the Inca ancestors still is a central part of daily life. Life there is simple and the force of this simplicity is what inspires me. I enjoy passing this on to others, individually or in group sessions.

Can Inca Healing help you?Machu_picchu

Inka Healing is a method aimed at personal growth and development, which was developed by Alma Inkary. He works in the base from the Inkaphilosophy and from there developed his own philosophy and way of life. These underpin the Inkahealing.
The Inkaphilosophy is respect for the elements sun, earth and water main, as well as respect for the cycle of life and all living things on Mother Earth. If the elements in the right balance his life is possible. According to this philosophy all life is made up of three elements sun, earth and water.
The Inka Healing works Alma Inkary people to become aware of the basis of existence. In his view, this helps you to become that which it eventually in your life revolves around your conscious. What that is, everyone can decide for themselves.
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Camino Choquekirao
Using the concepts ayni, minka and mitha is also part of his guidance. These are concepts from Inkaphilosophy by which feelings can be analyzed and understood between people and motivations for attitudes and behavior (see explanation below).
Alma Inkary was born and raised in a small village in the high mountains of the Andes of Peru. There is still to a large extent been living in accordance with the culture of the Inka ancestors. Life is simple and that is the force that inspires him. The power of simplicity he would like to pass. He does this through guiding people in a group workshop weekends, or individually in mental coaching or other individual guidance.
Workshop Weekends
What do workshop weekends Inka Healing include?
The Inka Healing by Alma Inkary is a series of workshops about eight weekends for personal growth. Per weekend is put one step in the healing of yourself and grow to a balance within yourself of your body, your mind and your inside. Everyone has his own life and therefore to solve its own path of growth and, possibly, his own problems or solve or mitigate his old pain. In the workshop weekends there is room for every individual to put his own step.For the Inka Healing his openness and trust is important. Is this not, or not yet, it could just be a step where you can work on. By putting a symbolic step, do an exercise together with others, you can be aware if you are in balance, what pitfalls or traps, or even so-called heavy baggage you want to lose. The power of a group is that you can support each other in various ways, because you can be a mirror for someone, a confrontation that makes anything clear, but also by a (co) listening ear, a sounding board.

Alma Inkary hereby supervises, on the basis of a method developed by him, consisting of a number of symbolic steps from its Inca background. The use of the symbology is a method. Alma has one of the processes in the daily life of the Incas which are of great importance to them for (about) life, chosen as a symbol of his method, the process of how to grow the corn. The first weekend is dedicated to learning about the method, not only through explanation and discussion, but also by experience of the method by means of exercises. Here he uses: ceremony, dance and movement, music, visualization, meditation.

People from Incaculture, for example, high in the mountains still live close to nature, learn to survive, from a young age to live with respect and a great awareness of the forces of nature. They grow on this and it is intertwined with their daily lives. Various ceremonies illustrate this. In ceremonies can be made symbolically connect with nature, making contact between the visible and invisible world, but also stress events and connect with each other. Whether people go on holidays and sow their crops, passing the highest point of a mountain or organize a party, find ceremonies place along with the more earthly use. The ceremonies are not here separated from, they are intertwined with it.

So it is with the Inka Healing weekends. A symbolic method is used to enhance the step you are going to put to emphasize, make yourself aware. It’s not a ceremony that makes you better, or solve your problem, or makes you stronger, the healing you do. The method of the different components, such as ceremony, you can help in this, in the case of be conscious process, processing, release, etc., in emphasizing your step and you will be supported by the group and by the guidance.


Individual Guidance
What are the possibilities?

Alma Inkary can accompany an individual program tailored. These may be conversations combined with exercises. You can think of:

An individual program for people who have lost the connection with the earth and the meaning of life. Alma herein operates from Incaphilosophy as described above, to allow people to find the meaning of life. Through conversation, meditation, dance and music he makes with the person’s connection to the meaning of life.

A program for mental coaching from a problem which you are stuck in work or private life. This may be a number of discussions and exercises. Or you can follow a short path to relationship counseling. This is intended for people aged around 25 years who have a question or problem encounter in respect of a love relationship, a working relationship or for example a relationship with friends.

Alma Inkary is also connected to the Relationship Circle, an association of coaches and therapists from Tiel, each contributing their knowledge from a different angle. The aim of this is that there is a suitable approach  possible for each question in the area of ​​to gain, to improve or maintain relationships. For example, there is an accessible manner possible, a combination of methods. For more information, you can check the website

Ayni, Minka and Mitha “

The concepts ayni, minka and mitha are part of the guidance of Alma Inkary. These are concepts from Incaphilosophy enabling connections and feelings can be analyzed and understood between people and motivations for attitudes and behavior.
What is ayni, minka or mitha?

Mitha are necessary actions that need to be done, where you have no choice, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, working or moving.

Minka is when you do something that you expect something in return. For example, you like to work and be paid for it. Or you do something for someone and expect the person to do that for you.

Ayni is if you want something from your heart because you feel that way, without you expecting something back. It can be for a person, but also for nature in general, for the community, or it may be an animal or a plant. You do something in trust for the wholeness of the cosmos.

An essential difference between ayni, minka and the expectations. Do you do something from your feelings without ever expecting anything in return, whatever happens. Or do something, even with a positive feeling, but you expect something back, whatever it is.

Often mentioned only the term ayni. Or the meaning of ayni and minka are mistranslated and confused. Alma Inkary works with both concepts. What do you do from ayni and some from minka and how you combine ayni and minka? By any person or circumstance you only one, and in the other, when you act from feeling and when from your mind? It is important to find a balance between the two compound forms