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 Connected with the earth through dance.
It is a way of interpreting and feeling the movement of the rhythm of the outer universe and your inner body is already dancing. They developed in what is now called the Americas for millennia. The so-called animal dances varied according to the local fauna, a mime of the tiger belonging to tropical peoples and a cult of the bear that extended throughout northern North America and as far as Siberia.
practices among Siberian peoples such as the Evenks and the Chukchi. Practiced and used in various ways to heal the sick and communicate with the spirit world, henergetics of the universe extends to southeastern Brazil, but is more powerful and more trance-oriented among the peoples of the Arctic. From Mexico, and probably before from Peru, the agricultural rites and equinoxes of the Andean cosmovion spread to the forests of the southeast and southwest. More recent than the other rites, the agricultural dance forms show an enrichment of the rituals of connection with the pachamama, mama qocha and tayta inti
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